Control valves for water,
steam, gas
Acid & Alkali service controlvalves
(Resin type)
Cryogenic control valves
(Vacuum containers)
Control valves with metal bellows for toxic and vacuum service
Sanitary control valves for
beverages and foods
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Why choose us?

Here at TOKO VALEX, for 60 years we have been meeting our customers’ needs in the field of control valves, with a great combination of technology and experience. Our basic philosophy of "Create", "Challenge", "Commit" and "Collaborate" has served us and our customers well.

Reliable process

We make our customers’ requirements a reality through build-to-order manufacturing, even including individual custom specifications, and through consistent manufacturing control from design to follow-through service.

Serving the public all over the country

Our products are found, supporting human lives, in a great variety of fields. You will find them in water purification plants all over the country, the food and beverage sector, high-tech industry including semiconductors, chemical and petroleum plants, gas and electricity infrastructure, and many more applications.