Product information

For water, steam, gas, and general use

For high pressure, high differential pressure, and low noise

  • ●T-8131 T-8132 T-8133 T-8136 Cage type contorl valves
    Cage type contorl valves is a pressure balance control valve which is applicable to controlling high pressure or high differential pressure fluid by balancing the pressure in the cage. Trims can be combined according to uses. Applicable to a wide range of temperature from -196℃ to 500℃.
  • ●T-8110 Labyrinth port type contol valves
    This plug type control valve is a control valve for control of erosion caused by liquid. The structure with a labyrinth groove on the valve plug works as a multistage pressure reduction type throttle and prevents abrasion of the seat surface. The control valve is applicable to controlling high temperature and high differential pressure liquid, and suitable for control valves for supplying water to boilers etc.

For acid and alkali

  • ●T-8450 Diaphragm type control valves
    This valve features a simple structure where a diaphragm controls the flow path without stagnation. Resin lining is applied to the flow path surface of the body to provide high corrosion resistance.

For toxic fluid and vacuum service

For Low temperature control valves

  • ●T-8020 T-8110 For Low temperature control valves
    Those control valves are control valves which control low-temperature fluid whose temperature is down to -196℃, such as liquefied gas,liquefied oxygen. There are two kinds of extension length. One is for 0℃ to -50℃, and the other is for -51℃ to ℃196℃.
  • ●T-8800 Super low temperature control valves
    This control valve is a control valve which controls ultra-low temperature fluid, such as liquid helium whose service temperature is close to the absolute zero degree. The valve is installed by welding in a vacuum container.

For mixing and diverging

For tank bottom

Butterfly type valves

Special order valves