Corporate Philosophy

Company Creed

Create excellent valves to develop the company, enrich employees’ lives, and contribute to society through the company.

Company Motto

1. Endeavor to improve the technology using a creative approach without falling behind the times.
1. Treat people and create things with the best of intentions.
1. Pursue personal development by seeing strengths in others.

Basic Quality Policy

1. We shall contribute to the society by supplying valves of quality satisfying the requirements of customers, complying with the applicable laws, ordinances and regulations and relied on by customers.
2. In order to achieve the aim mentioned above, we shall establish the Quality Management System and continuously improve such system to keep and increase its effectiveness.
3. We shall set and endeavor to achieve the quality goals, objectives and targets and evaluate the result of such endeavor so that we can improve the Quality Management System.
4. We shall start the Quality Assurance Activities by engaging all members therein.
5. We shall keep reviewing this Basic Quality Policy to maintain its appropriateness.