Message from the President

Since our foundation 60 years ago, we have designed, manufactured and sold a variety of control valves for various types of plants and equipment. While pursuing our eternal theme of "Creation and Challenge", we have maintained a basic philosophy of 4Cs (Create, Challenge, Commit and Collaborate) since our 55th year. With this ethos we aim to earn our customersā€™ continued trust and support in the long term, and at the same time cope with an ever-changing economic environment.

In recent years, we have made steady achievements in entering into a new market not only in Japan but overseas, in order to make good use of the wide technical capabilities we have acquired. However, I would like to promote future market expansion, development of new products to meet the needs of new customers, and cost reduction, through continued effort without complacency.

With gratitude to the customers who have supported us in our achievements until now, with an ardor in the "EX" which appears in our enduring company name "TOKO VALEX", we will strive together to be a company that customers cannot do without, a company that contributes to society, evincing our CSR and concern for the environment , through our daily activities. I appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

CEO Tatsuya Yokoyama