Why choose us?

TOKO VALEX CO., LTD. has been consistently designing, manufacturing, and selling control valves since 1957. Each of these valves has been manufactured on a build-to-order basis to meet every customer demand.
TOKO VALEX has been making use of a great deal of its experience, ideas and know-how, and creativity cultivated since the foundation of the company to manufacture products for a variety of fluids including steam, water, air, extremely cold liquids, acid or alkaline liquids, and seawater.
There are changes in customer demands for products according to drastic changes in economic circumstances and remarkable progress in technical innovation. TOKO VALEX catches up with the times and grasps the needs of each customer precisely with continuous challenging spirit, the attitude of which is an important factor that grows TOKO VALEX.
All of us continue sharing TOKO VALEX's invariable motto Create,Challenge,Commit and Collaborate and providing control valves in response to all customer's expectation from the viewpoint of product quality as well as the viewpoint of after-sale services in various industries in pursuit of being a corporation that contributes to society through product making.