Product information

Electromotive type actuator
This actuator is electric actuator for small/medium-bore globe control valves using single-phase capacitor motors.The actuator is equipped with amotor,a reduction gear mechanism, alimit switch mechanism and feedback resistance, and is controlled by the adjustment commands from relays,etc.
●Standard specifications
Model number CMS-020 CMS-040 CMC-103
Model name Control motors
Type of motor With single phase condenser motor
Power input AC100V or200V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15VA(100V)
Movement method Two position floating
Revolving angle 90°(The linear operation bt the linkage.)
Timing 60/50sec/90°(50/60Hz)・30/25sec/90°(50/60Hz)
Feedback resistance 135Ω
Ambient temperature -10~55℃
Case materials Aluminum alloy
Painting color Silver

Auxiliary limit switch,Manual operation
Feedback resistance(As for the Potentiometer,installation is possible to two,Outside standard:100,200,1,2kΩ)